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cleared the breakwall at 7 with the usual in-seine deans
made the run down south
looked around abit
by 830 had the first one on board feelin pretty good as this was
the first of the season for me (been a slow year)
naturally we made another pass and sure enough the fish were there
anyways long story short they kept bitting and we kept drifting the spot
at one point i would drop my sardine and the weight would hit the bottom and damn another one
all in all 11 total 5 at 23s 24s and 5 shorts 1 broke off at the net
(the one that broke off was the only keeper my buddy had caught and i farmed it for him, oops)
fishing 15lb test calcutta400, g-loomis set up
(this is my favorite target fish in sm bay and this day was fun)


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Hey AC Newbee, You can't do that! Get on AllCoast and EMBARRASS
all these veteran posters.
Just who do you think you are ?

Don't you know that the Halibut are MIA in the SMB.
Everybody on AC says
'Where are the SMB Halibut ?'

P.S. Welcome to AllCoast
Great 1st Post catching a bunch of Butts where others can't. :tu:
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