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Okuma's 2018 Release is Still Going Strong!

At the 2018 iCast John Bretza unveiled the new Helios Baitcaster. For the last 3yrs it has been a compact powerhouse for both fresh & salt water enthusiasts. I had wanted to get the Helios SX Bass Rod for my unit but wasn't aware it was discontinued. So now considering the Psycho Stick possibly.

I've been told this is a great compact reel. Since the original Okuma has added 2 more ball bearings, a new Static Drag System & a larger oversized carbon handle. The last time i fished baitcasters was in Maine getting lost on logger trails for a month. Thank God for LL Bean & cheap lobsters! It's time to try them again. I found i prefer left handed models though i'm right handed. I also found out trolling dead baits off 5-Islands for Blues that i did better using right handed casters when i needed more lifting power.



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