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Hooping On the mooring ???????

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I will be heading over to Catalina sometime Friday for the Avalon harbor clean up dive. I was thinking of dropping a hoop during the evening to pass the time. Last time I moored up at Avalon, i moored on the other side of the Casino, closer to the casino then Descanso beach first row from the rock wall. I dropped a line in to catch bait, and ended up pulling in three lobsters.....ALL realeased.

My questions:

Is it legal to hoop from a mooring?

Is the area between the Casino and Descanso beach considered a sanctuary.

Any feed back is welcome.

Also, if anyone is going to be over there Friday night, give me a shout on 72.

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Look here under L.A. County.

I'll check both maps I have shortly and let you know.
Check with the Avalon Sheriff, they'll let you know what's off-limits.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
I'm not sure about hooping on a can, but the underwater park in front of the casino is a NO TAKE area.

As you stated.

Casino Point Underwater Park: Swimming, snorkeling,
and scuba diving are permitted. Take nothing. No fishing, no boats.

The Underwater Park extends from the CASINO BREAKWATER point west to
just inside Descanso Bay east end point, and runs out to 90 feet deep.

I can't see why hooping on a mooring is any issue unless you
are in a restricted area or for some reason you were told your
nets must be attended at all times and you wanted to go to
sleep and get up periodically to check them.

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RE: As you stated.

Please see my response on the other board you put this...
RE: As you stated.

So basically, it's not illegal unless you get caught right. :eek: LMAO!
Now you did it. :eek:
I'm checking every single mooring out at Catalina, not just Avalon!

Thank You Bill! :7

The area with a star is the area and the mooring above, whcih are not pictured, that i am talking about. Mooring w-46

thanks for the replies guys.

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Still in City limit's so the rules apply, however they will not enforce. Now, given the lack of boat's at Cat this time of year, is there a reason you are going on Whiskey 46? Do you know something we don't? Reason I ask, is unless you request that specific mooring, they will likely put you inside. Bill
I was on w43. It is close to the sea wall where I would figure lobsters will hide, and last time i was on that mooring, i caught 3 lobsters while fishing for bait. I had a piece of dead Dine on a a tiny treble hook....they pulled pretty good :). It was a few days before lobster season...two were legal with out question. All were tossed back.
Okay Mike . . .
Between you and Bill you can compile a list of all
the Catalina moorings, and which ones produce and which ones don't.

When can I get the list? :eek:

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Jim and I were on a mooring inside of Avalon. We dropped a hoop in the harbor right in front of Harbor Patrol while they were asking us a question, they didnt seem to care about the hoop net in the harbor. BIG TENTACLES OUT !!!!!!
I've seen quite a few lobsters caught from the pier at Avalon by kids fishing with rod and reel at night.
While we are on this subject, what about Emerald Bay? I caught and released a few but I heard it is protected?
Go for it....HP is not an issue there at all, even if they were, they would just ask you for a bite with some drawn butter!
Looks like I will give it a go...because of previous commitments, I will be getting a late start who knows if i will have any luck. I wont be on the water until about 6:30..i was thinking of a 9 pm arrival, but most likely 10 pm

Thanks for all the feedback. if anyone is in the area, give me shout on 72...happy to share a beer or glass of wine.
I,ll swing by see how you did if we don't hook up

(fishhawk) jim
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