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Hoopnet Gloves.

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A few months back I had the amazing recovery of my Drivers License
by someone jogging along the beach at Venice after the Coast Guard had
dropped it in the water, and now the recovery of my hoopnet gloves.

3 weekends ago I went to Catalina with Roger (doesn't post here),
Dan/WARD, and Mike/RustyHook for some hoopnetting. When I arrived
that afternoon I realized I'd lost my hoopnet gloves. I'd left them
on the PORT gunnel to dry in the Sun from having hoopnetted the
previous night. They fell off somewhere between home and Huntington
Harbor. 13 days later, which happened to be last Thursday night,
Arnold/ziff and I headed to the PB'er gathering at ZUBIES. I had
just hit the on ramp to the 57 FWY and got stopped at the light
that lets you on the freeway. I look to the left and low and behold
there is one of the 2 hoopnet gloves. I drive the car up onto the
shoulder, get out of the car, and pick up the glove. I examine it
and sure enough it was one of my gloves. I'm sure Arnold thought I
was a little crazy as I looked for the other one. Well, I couldn't
find it and away we went.

I kept telling Arnold when the time was right I was going to go back
and find the other glove. Well the time was right this morning.
I had to head to the Kaiser Pharmacy in Anaheim and hit the freeway
on ramp again, but this time it was early AM and nobody was around.
I started driving slowly along the shoulder and before I could
blink . . . well I couldn't believe it, there was the left-handed
glove soogy wet and a little muddy. As I headed to the Pharmacy I
called the wife and told her Merry Christmas too me, guess what I
found my other hoopnet glove. She couldn't believe it, I couldn't
believe it, and I'm sure when I called Arnold he couldn't believe
it either.

Here they are drying on a bench on the side of the house.

Just another normal day in my life, amazing!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.

[font color="BROWN" size="+1"]LUCK is where planning meets opportunity.[/font]
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well sounds like you need to see if they still work. just one more reason to go like you need one. hope to see you on the water soon

(fishhawk) jim
Congratulations on your glove find! I laughed when I saw them, I thought they were mine...I got so tired of tearing up cheap gloves, I sprung for a pair of Gill rigging gloves (same that you lost)...So far I really like them, except for the fact I ended up on antibiotics for a finger infection I got when I got my thumb shredded by a lobster spine when I was trying to wrestle a 4 pounder out of the net without letting the 4 ft eel onto my boat...lucky I didn't lose the lobster and get bit by the eel, pretty funny in retrospect...

Definitely some good karma on your loss/return ratio....

Merry Christmas again!

nice find.....i second the karma must be doing something good for those to have still been laying there
or more likely, they smelled so bad no one wanted to get near them!!!

What ever it have got it. Another amazing FloMar
recovery story. It was probably the smell of the gloves
that kept anyone from touching/taking them. LOL
take the misses to vegas for new years. this is your lucky year.

Gettin' Ugly
RE: You lucky Bastard!

Hey John,

I need to take you fishing you lucky dog!

RE: You lucky Bastard!

I cant stop laughing you lucky pig ?er!

RE: You lucky Bastard!

That's funny John, what are the chances?
I've washed those LUCKY GLOVES and they smell purdy now.
Back in the saddle with MY PC, and I'm on the backside of this Bronchitis also.

Gimme another week and I'll be doin' the Halibut and Lobster COMBO TRIPS again.

RE: You lucky Bastard!

Thought for sure I could get Arnold out of hiding with this post, guess not. :-(

I have my PC back, TG!

RE: You lucky Bastard!

That is too damn cool.
RE: You lucky Bastard!

Congrats on finding the Gloves . Now go buy Lotto tickets your luck is working for you !!!!!!
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