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Hoopnet learning curve

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Ive never been hoopneting. Been busy with family,work,and ailing dad. I would like to give it a shot.Iam in Long Beach, San Pedro area. Where would you go to buy nets? From someone who is knowledgeable I hope.
I would sure like to shorten the learning curve,as the season is ending soon. Have 27" Pursuit with twin 200. Very eager to sponsor a trip with experience hoopnetters.Iam wide open for suggestions.
Thanks again Tom
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I have ten nets and can take you out and show you what I know and see if you like it. I got hooked after the first lobster. As for buying nets, turners has them 20 bucks. call me on my cel (909) 228-1483

(fishhawk) jim
Jim realy knows his stuff. If you and Jim can not line up a trip you are welcome to call me. I have had some great sucess hooping this year. I will pitch in for fuel or we can take my boat. John at 949-574-1858. BIG TENTACLES OUT !!
The 2 gentlemen above have proven they can get the job done,
have a great time doing it, and they're safe at the same time.

I think they would make great candidates for your first Lobster encounter. JMO.
I'd recommend calling one, or both of them.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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If you want a head start on the Promar Hoops and cages, I can get you 10. Otherwise you can have 5 and split the other 5 with your friends... I might be able to help you with the rope and set-up too.
There are plenty of folks that have perfected their gear and
will share their knowledge. A couple of them have already
replied. Some of the most important elements of your gear are:

1) Floats - must be buoyant enought to float the rig+
2) Floats - place the high-quality DOT reflective tape on them
3) Bridle - most factory bridles are crap; re-rig the bridle
4) Bridle - only a small float is needed
5) Rope - use floating rope; diameter to your preference
6) Rope - use 40' for 30' depth; 60' for 40'; and 80' for 60'
7) Rope - I prefer cut to length ropes instead of wadding up the excess
8) Nets - for standard hoops the center ring needs additional weight
9) Bait - use bait cages; mackerel and sardines work fine
10) Pulling - once you find bugs, don't stop pulling until it slows down
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Thanks for the great response. I will be calling you guys Friday or Saturday.The trip is on me,dont be concern about fuel.I just want to pick up some knowledge and experience.
Thanks Tom
Tom . . .

I believe both Jim/fishtrembling and John/BIG TENTACLES will be at the island today/tonight and tomorrow.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Jim "Fishtremble" is a very good at catching bugs. I have seen some of his catches.
Had to go to Frisco sat. A.M. unexpectly. Will get back with you guys mon or tues.
Thanks again Tom
I sympathize with the "learning to hoop" thing. I don't know a thing about it. But, I'm going to try to get a little smarter. I want to use my small skiff when at Cat to go drop and retrive and leave my boat on the hook. Just another thing on the list of things to learn/do :).
Lemme know if I can splain anything.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Thanks John. I'm sure I'll take you up on that offer with some questions when I get my act together to take on this new challenge.
I've yet to go with you john but when we buddy boated what you showed me helped me learn what to look for. like bass fishing which way the current is going and things like that got me thinking like a lobster and it helped plus the phone tips thanks alot. some day well get out

(fishhawk) jim
Where do you get DOT reflective tape? Also if you use different lenght of rope,what connection do you use?
Thanks again
We'll get it done Jim, I give you my WORD.
How 'bout this weekend?

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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