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Hoopnet Report

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Gotcha! Thought you were going to get a lobster report didn't you!
Thought this was a perfect topic for the BS board.
Surfed Fernalds Point today, probably the first time in over 15 years...the surf was fun, but the best part was finding a new, perfectly intact promar hoopnet, rope, floats and all washed up on the some looks walking down the beach, board in one hand, hoopnet in the other...somehow I felt complete...

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cool you found my net been looking for that thing I can ID if you don't trust me

(fishhawk) jim
Is that the spot just north of Summerland? If it's the same one I've seen that spot break a few times on a big NW swell and it looks like a fun wave. My dad talks about having surfed it back in the days. No easy access which helps the crowd. Might be fun to get a few boats together and anchor out in front and surf for a few hours. Congrats on getting some of those waves and the bonus hoopnet.

Nice haul, Greg! How was the surf?

Yes, Jenny...that's the can be wonderful when it's on...and crowdless. Takes a big swell at just the right direction...and every now and then, on the rare occasion that a big summer south sneaks through, well....!!!!

My Three Sons
I wasn't fooled for a minute, a split-second maybe . . . :eek:

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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