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oden1viking said:
I found this fun and interesting.
At last a good explanation of the Bush administrations policies in regard to Iraq..... LOL How many WMD's were found again? Could it be by focusing the publics attention on WMD's that did not exist the Bush administration got the public to ignore the larger implications of their polices. Could be..... Perceptual blindness, or more precisely inattentional blindness is the oldest trick in the book as any slight of hand magician or con man knows. Every Magic trick starts with: "Watch this closely", or "Focus your attention" on this. "Follow the lady: round and round she goes, where she comes up no-buddy knows." By focusing th e audiences attention on single elements they can get them to miss the obvious, and manipulate or even cheat them. Nothing new in this just interesting to see it in the realm of an experiment, (as in your video) or for that matter used so effectively by a government to manipulate the public and lead them down the proverbial garden path with Iraq. Jim

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