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Hull and Prop breakers! Hit these Doing 20Kn! (Pics)

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Went down to HH Today 1/17 to Meet "Jeff"(Moonfish)To help him with His Skippy
Took a look at the engine,Told him to fire it up,listen to it run for a while, Waved my magic screwdriver over it, and Ta-Da!!! Now it runs like a rapped ape!! (Not to bad aaa Jeff) Going back later to really dial it in ,So we Decided to go for a Quick Run out of the Harbor,And came across these Beauties!!!!!!

The other one had to be Hog tied and Dragged back!!!

We have all seen this type Floating Objects,, But we had sometime.They were right at the end of the Federal break wall so Jeff called it in, We towed it to a safe area(Via Long beach Lifeguards) and then we released them.Just a FYI to you "New to the Boating Scene" These are the type of Boat sinkers you will find All over the place!! BE CAREFUL RUNNING AT NIGHT!!!
Everybody likes to go hoopnetting,,, But Dont kill yourself doing IT!!
Sometimes "SLOW" is good!!!!!
Dont be in a "Hurry" Be "Smart"!!

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Found this one 5 miles off Carlsbad last March. Makes night crossing a little scary.
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Big karma points on the debris removal!!!

Thanks Don!
Hey Don, . . . I have someone I'd like to drag behind my boat like that! }(

I saw a boat that looked exactly like your boat coming back from the island last Friday PM, around 3ish.
Was that you?

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Good amount of debris in the SB Channel as well right now....the swells and storms took last year's stuff off the beaches.

My Three Sons
Coming back from a New Year's yellowtail fishing trip at the Coronados, we drove past a huge bail of what was probably pot. It was about the size of a large hay bail and looked like something off of a Miami Vice set. Imagine hitting it, getting disabled, and having hundreds of packages of pot (now that the bailing twine is broken) floating around you.
Sorry FloMar,, If it was on friday it wasent me,, I wish it was,,,,Hey "Blackfish" Damm thats a Titanic sinker! Jeff "Moonfish" Gets some Ku-do`s aswell,, I just Gaffed them! He Did the rest!! I just wanted to give some Of the "Newbie`s" A well deserved Heads up!! I have noticed A lot of "Fresh blood" Posting latley,We all Have seen the hazards,we should shair some of them,, from time to time.
I would hate to see one of our own(or anyone for that matter) going down when it could have been Prevented!!!!!

SeaRay 27 "For sale"
Channel 69& Scan
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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