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ignorant misuderstanding

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Dont sweat it.....

I am of the _ap race and dont sweat it. I didnt read the report but it wouldnt matter to me one bit if that word slipped out. Its not big deal. Just keep posting your informative reports. Its great reading while no one is catching anything nowdays.

No offense......"cant we all just get along".........Hey American Idol is on tonite......Did you see 24 last nite............go Lakers....

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RE: Dont sweat it.....


Your reports are appreciated and your info is always right on. As human beings we all have areas we can improve, a little slip of the tongue every now and then shouldn't end the world!! Mano y Mano would be the way to go, I agree!!
RE: Dont sweat it.....


Your one of the true class acts around here, and one of the "True" fisherman, your reports and pics are well appreciated.

Thanks, and keep them coming...

PS. Don't sweat the small stuff.....
RE: Dont sweat it.....


Well said, John.

Fish the Tides - Freddie
RE: Dont sweat it.....

We all have made remarks we wish we had back with or with out intent. For any that cannot understand that words are sometime spoken without much thought, should just take minute and think what one there selves have spoken before. After all this would require ones honesty.

I second the class Act./s
John, I'm sorry I handled it the way I did. With hindsight, a PM would have been in order. When I saw the word, I just reacted emotionally. By the way, I did enjoy the pics. It reminds me of the good old days when your gangion would float. Pretty tough now for us recreational guys with only 3 (?) hooks. Tom.
There is too much PC going on the the world.

Thin skinned people should plug their ears and close their eyes.


Everyone should Call them as they sees them.
Nice to see a dispute resolved in this manner. I don't ever post on this kind of stuff as I just don't come to AC to get involved with contentious issues. I come here to have fun and indulge my hobby/passion for this sport. And to make some friends (which I've been lucky to do). I deal with too much conflict in my regular old non-AC life for me to focus on it here. It's ok that other people don't feel the same way as I do (and do argue/debate online), it's just not for me.

But, I wanted to chime in here because imo it's unusual, and a pleasant surprise, to see this kind of resolution to an on-line disagreement of this type. Totally irrespective of who was right or wrong (opinions will differ), it's just good to see the issue end on a reasonable and constructive note.

Good job.
I agree with taking things offline.

In general, if more people actually thought about some of things
they're writing before they pull the trigger and post them, well
I think we'd all be a lot better off. Approaching someone with
respect even though they may have just pissed you off can go a
long way IMO. STUFF happens, and if we can prevent a little less
from happening, well things may just get a little smoother.

It's not what you say, rather how you say it.

Thank You John!

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You're a good man and although it could of been handled better off line as you said, you made a step that's hard not to respect.

I guess it simply comes with being the straight shooter you are.

Thanks again for the post.

Cheers, Bill

â??If your not part of the solution... you're part of the problem"
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Ahhh Hell....John....go ahead and call me a squarehead....I can take it! :D :D :D
Good on you John. Now:

[font size=6]Group hug.
>There is too much PC going on the the world.
>Thin skinned people should plug their ears and close their
>Everyone should Call them as they sees them.

I'll call it as I see it...

So, people should be able to say whatever they want, and not be held responsible for it?

"Thin skinned" people are always wrong?

I know all about free speach, I did a career in the military supporting and defending everyones rights. But you know what, I like to think I spent those years defending responsible, civil, and polite people also. More and more I feel that has not been the case.

As for this specific "J" word incident. All I know is that MY children are not being raised to just off hand use ANY derogatory racial/ethnic descriptives.

How many of you out there would be proud to hear your children say, those kind of words? My children never will.

I'm not thin skinned, I'm civilized.

Now, all of you, go on back to patting Taurus on the back..
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Reasonable is reasonable.

PC extreme is EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was this PC extreme.

The way I see it, someone used a term that I would not use and in my opinion should not be used. If it could be offensive, don't use it. It's common sense.

Then someone called the person out about it. Not hardcore like, and if I remember the thread correctly, more along the lines of just pointing out that the term was derogatory.

All of a sudden, people came rising up to attack the "thin skinned" "PC" people. I DON'T BELIEVE THIS WAS ABOUT PC.

As for this brouhaha, Taurus' slip is the least cause of the commotion. It's the rest of the posters trying to minimalize the situation and playing the PC card. It does go both ways. People do need to be a little civilized/sensitive and people need to be more thick skinned. In this case I believe KAMAUSU was attacked by people who threw the PC card in his face and that is what escalated it.

So one final question, who runs around or let's their kids run around using terms like Jap, ****, ***, Guinea, ****, etc? Not me, or mine. Just typing those words is like going against the grain of my personality. So how about it, how many proud parents out there teaching thier kids to use those words. From the defense Taurus recieved it must be a lot.
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Joe, Obviously a contentious issue, no matter what side it you are on, Thank you for your brave service!

Now enjoy this thread, because JSEA will be pulling it in short order without as much as making any contact with anyone......just like he did to mine!
Being of the Caucasion Persuasion I could care less if someone
called / calls me '******' '******' or 'white (fill in the rest)'.
I quickly consider the source of the statement.

The way we each were raised, and what we were taught, is a whole 'nother TV program.

It's great when things are laid on the table for discussion,
but if more people seriously thought about what they are
typing and saying we wouldn't be discussing this now.

!!!! weather has screwed up my fishing plans for today !!!! x(

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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Anytime Bill, just pick up the phone (714) 342-5224.
My life is 24 by 7 by 365, not my moderatorship of this board.

I guess that makes you a pastey-face Casper?


(it's a joke, son)
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