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X6X Kratos Max 4K by Olympus!

Have you ever found yourself in need of a powerful spinning reel but in a small package? Imagine using a 4K or a 6K spinner that had 35kg (+77lbs) of max drag force? Wouldn't that be insane? I own powerful spinning reels from Asia to the USA and not one of them has this type of insane max drag rating!

As far as i know nobody has ever reviewed this reel. So for myself it took awhile to gather the information to produce this review. I had to get some of my information translated from Italian to fully appreciate this reel. It comes in 4K & 6K sizes. What grabbed me was the max drag rating?! 35kg in any reel is unheard of. So i contacted one of my friends who works in a US owned factory that produces fishing reels & he remembered this model as they tested one a few years back.

Before i released this video i learned that the spools of the 4K & 6K models were interchangeable as well! Ok, now i was hooked. I had to bring in one just to check it out myself. Again not much information is out there on these 2 spinning reels so this is what i have.

Kratos Max X6X 4K Spinning Reel
Gear Ratio- 4.6:1
Weight- 406g/0.89lbs
Max Drag- 35kg/77.1lbs
Ball Bearings- 10 + 1

Mono Capacity- 0.35/200yd, 0.40/160yd, 0.45/120yd
Frame/Side-plates/Rotor/Spool- Anodized Aluminum
Quick Set Anti-Reverse System(for demanding pluggers & jiggers)
Mechanical Stabilizer System
Anti-Salt Treatment
Micrometric Friction Control
Mechanical Rotor Stabilizer System
Interchangeable 4K & 6K Spools
Made in P.R.C.

This unit was kindly sent to me by Mr Silvio Fattori & Mr Ivan Castellari of Olympus in Italy.



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What is the point of 77# of drag on a reel that holds 120 yards of 20# mono?
Applications. Carpers love it. Can pull them up the steep sides of embarkments using braid (i'm not a carp angler but i was sent pics of muddy to snow covered steep slopes so i appreciate that more now) . Shoreline jiggers like myself will like it as well. The 4K & 6K can interchange spools. I'm getting my 2nd box soon of more reels. I can shore cast baited lines using the 6K and shore jig my 15g using the 4K. I'm only testing these reels for applications. Might end up using all 6k's. Who knows? Or my report may suggest extending and/or enlarging the threaded spool shaft for larger applications? Won't know until all my new equipment arrives & i start spooling line before field testing units. I'm just field testing these units and whatever else is being shipped.
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