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Is HH the "Next Newport" for the Sea Dogs

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Has anybody besides me noticed more Sea Lions in HH recently. I've seen 3 this fall including one that came right by my boat (which is way back in HH) the other day. The tide was heavy minus and was about as low as I've ever seen it in 30 years - didn't phase the dog. He was just cruising down the channel pleased as punch.

The water quality in HH has improved (based on my visual observances only) dramatically over where it was 15 years ago. It's still not like what I remember from the late 60's and very early 70's but it seems much much clearer than it was there for about 10-15 years. It used to be I couldn't see the bottom at my dock even at low tide and now I can see all the crap dumped on the bottom by every worker who has ever been at the house or boat :)...or the stuff I've accidentally dropped.

So, how long before we start seeing the dogs hanging out on everybody's swimsteps and docks. That will suck.
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Rob, As you and I have discussed before, the sealion problem in Newport has become an extremely contentious issue, a tourist Kayaker was tipped over and attacked by one not too long ago, boat being sunk, all night barking ect. My City council friend has been really put to the test with these issues, and has shared some less than friendly e-mail with me from some of the residents. This issue goes well beyond the WSB Pen, and many articles and meetings have resulted. The most recent ordinance was the enforcement by harbor patrol to dump your bait and fish cleaning outside the harbor. That's a start, and should be observed and executed by all of us!

As you know this has been an ongoing problem in SF and Monterey, and is now effecting harbors all up and down the coast. It's not if, it's when when will it become a nusiance issue in HH. I can't imagine what would happen if you came down to the Magellen and saw a couple of dog's sleeping on the swim step, submerging it, and putting your exhaust ports underwater, creating a potential dangerous scenerio......I know what I would do :eek:
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>a tourist Kayaker was tipped over and attacked by one not too
>long ago,

i had no idea that happened. good to know since my girlfriend and i will be using our kayaks in newport harbor pretty often during the summer.

makes you wonder if there shouldn't be a yearly thinning out of these creatures. sometimes people take animal rights way too far in my opinion.

Gettin' Ugly
RE: Is HH the "Next Newport" for the Sea Dogs

I noticed a few sea dogs in there lately myself. I had never known them to roam inside the harbor like that, and questioned it myself, as I have only lived in the area for about 4 years now and never really seen them in their before. I get bummed out when heading in or out of the harbor and witnessing boaters dumping their bait before they cross under the bridge. I just shake my head in disgust.
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