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Unboxing Review of 4 Popular Italian Spinning Reels by Olympus SRL!

First i'd like to say a big "Thank You" to Silvio Fattori & Ivan Castellari of Olympus SRL of Italy! This company is the Italian equivalent to the USA Okuma & Mustad companies. They sent me more reels to unbox & use in Hawaii. The box arrived fast by DHL Worldwide Express. I was informed that another box is being prepared for me. At first i thought it was my 2nd Kratos 4K, wasn't expecting all the rest! So i went online to the companies site to figure out what i received. As you expected i've been learning Italian as well.

At first i was in the dark as only a European computer could look at their catalog. But Mr Castellari fixed that issue and their online link is now featured explaining all their models. The first reaction i had was "the colors". Even the packaging was color coded. European spinners are very similar to our US models. Can't figure out the round "catch basin" under the spool attached to the shaft. It's on several spinners. Besides the vibrant colors used i noticed they try to reduce the weight here & there by thinning the aluminum to using more carbon for the body assemblage.

Olympus is much like Okuma in their products. Both companies have reels, rods, lines and lures. And they tailor their products to target popular local shoreline species as well. I was given more information but won't go beyond these basics. Right now language is the common problem so we found using Messenger with translate works the best. Since i'll be targeting local shoreline species i'll be using my line brand supplied by US company Soft Steel. This brand has served me & many others well. I'll also be using my US line spooler from Brandon Rodgers of Sportsman Innovations.

So here's a fast look at what arrived-
Olympus X6X Kratos 4K (Smallest of 2 Models)
Model- KR4000
Ball Bearings- 10+1
Gear Ratio- 4.6:1
Weight- 406g/0.89lb
Max Drag- 35kg/77.2lb
Mono Capacity- 0.35/200yd, 0.40/160yd, 0.45/120yd

Olympus X6X Heros 5000 (Largest of 2 Models)
Model- HRS GTX5000
Ball Bearings- 5+1
Gear Ratio- 5.2:1
Weight- 335g/11.82oz
Max Drag- 10kg/22lb
Mono Capacity- 0.35/310yd, 0.40/240yd, 0.45/190yd

Olympus X6X Accord 40S (Largest of 2 Models)
Model- Accord 40S
Ball Bearings- 10 + 1
Gear Ratio- 5.2:1
Weight- 281g/9.9oz
Max Drag- 6kg/13.2lb
Mono Capacity- 0.205/280yd, 0.235/190yd, 0.285/125yd

Olympus X6X CHR 4000 (Largest of 2 Models)
Model- CHR 4000
Ball Bearings- 7+1
Gear Ratio- 5.5:1
Weight- 295g/10.4oz
Max Drag- 10kg/22lb
Mono Capacity- 0.30/180yd, 0.35/150yd, 0.40/110yd

These stats are roughly the same for US counterparts for 4K/5K spinning reels.



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