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PHOTO 1: Jerry Reiter and John Torascio from the Ventura CA area hold up some of the nice class bull dorado we hit this week. Both anglers were on their first trip down here and tangled with some nice fish. Dorado fishing wasn't great, but the fish that were caught were usually trophies like this!


La Paz - Las Arenas Fishing Report for the week of June 1-8, 2008]
PHOTO 2: On his first fishing trip ever, Andy Ewing from Seattle WA rips this 50 pound class roosterfish off the beach near Las Arenas. Trophy roosters like this moved in a few weeks ago in shallow waters. Andy released this fish after taking this great shot. Note the flat waters!

PHOTO 3 : One of the biggest problems this week was the falling water temperature. Inshore waters went cold lockjawing the fish. The warmer water was outside around the buoys where toad-sized dorado like this one held by Joel Ofrancia of Seattle WA were hanging out. Joel hit three good day of this kind of fishing. The problem with getting outside to the warmer water was the fact that sometimes the winds were blowing so hard, it was impossible to get across in all the chop and wet. I put this fish on a scale myself and it went pounds!

PHOTO 4: Just too pretty of a photo to pass up. This is a hooked dorado next to the boat. It was unhooked and released.

PHOTO 5: Now here's a great shot. Our amigo, Doug Oclassen from Boulder CO is hooked on a striped marlin. Captain Victor looks on. Cerralvo Island in the background. They tried to release this fish but were unable to and the meat was donated. However, during the week they released other billfish and numerous dorado, roosters and .

PHOTO 6: Butch Lawson always seems to do pretty well everytime he comes to see us. He's here with Captain Jorge and a dorado they picked up. Butch is from the Monterey CA area.

PHOTO 7: Dave Newman doesn't get to take his shirt off very often. He's from Chicago, Ill. and is constantly sending photos of his frozen yard. However, he's dynamite on light tackle whether from a panga or the beach. He's standing here on Las Arenas beach just around from the lighthouse where schools of jacks and roosters congregate. He's holding up a nice jack he nailed on 15 pound test and a Shimano Calcutta 400 reel!

PHOTO 8 - Not sure if this need explanation, but I promised someone I'd post it. Kids, don't try this at home. Seen often in Baja Mexico, it's a pink-eyed Pacific Pargo Belly.

Check out some of the dorado action this week. You will see a marlin here that got taken, but almost all marlin this week were released as were most of the roosterfish. The one you see in the video swallowed the hook and the meat went to folks who needed food.


Right up front...IT WAS A WEIRD WEEK! It had all the makings to be an outstanding week, but for a few glitches mother nature threw at us.

Here's what happened. Those pesky winds hit us again. One day from one side. Next day from the other. Sometimes it seemed like they sucker punched us from different angles at the same time. What occured is that water temperatures dropped. That resulted (I think) in alot of the fish going "lockjaw" on us. I mean...they were there, but just wouldn't open their mouths to take a bait!

The warmer waters were outside by the buoys or around the islands. get out there, you had to be willing to get your teeth kicked in going out there and getting battered around. Most guys opted to stay close to shore where the aforementioned cold water took it's toll and even needlefish didn't bite on some days.

This was mostly at the middle of the week with the funky weather. At the beginning and the end of the week, there was some good to great action on BIG dorado outside as well as marlin and sailfish with most billfish getting released. Inshore, especially along those shallow beaches, jacks and roosters and pompano (basically, almost all the jack family) were there varying in sizes from small 2 pounders up to 60 pounders. This made for some great inshore action.

No wahoo to speak of this week and that flurry of tuna seems to have gone back down to the trenches. The thing we're watching is that if these winds stay down, it looks like the La Paz side fishing is actually starting to heat up with some dorado located in warm water betweeen Espiritu Santo and the north end of Cerralvo Island.

That's my story!
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