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I have used every launch ramp from Santa Barbara to San Diego, here are some thoughts for future designs:

:x Cabrillo Beach - One floating dock running parallel to rock jetty so only one side is usable. Dock runs parallel to first lane causing noobs who want to walk their boats onto the trailer to line up and wait, then move down as boats are loaded. There's nothing like having a drunken noob yelling, "Hey, don't cut the line!", when you pull up to drop off your driver.

8) Davies (Alamitos Bay) - Wide unobstructed ramp. Large dock is detached from ramp.

:x Shelter Island - Busy ramp with a very small area to maneuver, docks are small. I've dinged my props on the rocks twice dancing for a position to load on the trailer.

What are your favorites?

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Dana Point - 3 brand new wide fingers, 2 minutes to the bait dock, 2 more minutes and you are out on the ocean. The verry best.

The DP Harbor merchants and the OC County Supervisors would like to eliminate a lot of the launch ramp parking area, replacing it with a parking structure so the new mall plan has more tourist parking. We need more launch ramp parking for the future of boating, not less!
Join and help save launch ramp parking!!

The Dunes at Newport is the ideal newbie launch ramp. Spacious, no current, good wind blockage. Downside, it's a long ride to the ocean.

Del Rey - Nice ramp, but small for the demographic it is expected to serve. Needs expansion.

Santa Barbara - small but sweet.

Oceanside - Steep! Parking can be a challenge (long walk) if you get there late on a busy day. The good: Close to the bait receiver and harbor mouth.

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Marina Del Rey has got to be the best design of them all. Lots of dock space. Lots of wash down space and ample parking. Still $7 to launch and 50 cents for a washdown.

Sunset Aquatic has made great improvements. They finally have a washdown but the rub is it costs $2 for 5 minutes or so.

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re: Newport Dunes = Gilligan's Island (. . .Three hour tour . . .)

Cabrillo-still the best people watching in all of Compton. Like the back entrance. Wind can be at a tough angle and strong, closes promptly at 9:45- bad for hooping. Free on weekdays still?

Davies- the best all around, wide, flat, next to market, but parking can be tough on busy days. Low tide- be careful, you can drive off the ramp into the mud. DFG's favroite hangout.

Shoreline- not interested. Steep, ghetto, tough entry from street. Fun to watch sparkle painted H-2's burn rubber high-centering the 20 year old 35' scarabs named 'Phat Farm'. Sux to be behind one of those pigs when homie lights the fires at half throttle and revs it like a chainsaw.

MDR- cheap, good access, more bird crap per capita next to Bird Rock. Good washdown. West Marine across the street to get a new drain plug or bait net in a pinch.

Newport- too far back, $$, bait tough in winter, nice angle of ramp. Can't tell what's worse- the long drive to the breakwall, or the long drive past every body that has it better than me and not trailering.

HH- great ramp, great bay fishing, everybody knows it. If you are coming from the north, Alamitos is closer to home and bait.

Shelter- free, good angled ramp, usually a savy bunck of trailer operators, but busy (parking!!) in summer and the jetty entrance is narrow. Single handed tough as docks are limited. Fun to watch sea-dooers get chapped by the fisherman.

O-side- ramp is steep, but easy compared to the harbor entrance surfing on the wrong day. Semper Fi.

CIH- great ramp, largely deserted and right next to bait.

Morrow- you are just so glad to be there the ramp could be vertical and gravel and you'd be proud to call it home.
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