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Hey guys, I'm headed out Sunday 13th and looking to avoid
the Dana rush. I thought about Newport but are there any
issues besides the long run out? Will the gate be open
during the 4:00 hour? Do they have a bait operation that
will be open that early? Any help is appreciated. I'm
planning on the 209 area as my southerlymost point, working
up to east end to the north and in from there. I'll be on
69 and 72 and will share my findings as we go (hopefully

Thanks in advance

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I launch there all the time.

Here are a few tips:

1. At 4:00 it will be quiet, prep your boat/lines/etc in the lot just past the main gate.

2. Use the far right lane. (if you are looking down the ramps)Seems to be less popular. All the ramps are great after they re-laid them.

3. Park back in the main/large lot and take as many spaces as you'd like in the corners. Too many idiots park in the main trailer lot who do not know how to drive. My trailer has been hit twice.

4. Bait barge is open 24/7 right now and the service is excellent. Just be cool and happy to see them and tell them you are going to tip them for the best baits, and they will give you the best they have got and a few macks if they have them. Although the warmer water has made it tough to keep baits, at least for me.

5. Good luck, and get 'em. Jealous, I have to work all weekend....
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