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OK, I have the LED Squid lights figured out. They will be switchable between white and green, and both colors will switchable between high and low intensity. White output will be ~3,300 lumens and green output will bright as hell too. Amp draw will be ~4 amps at 12VDC. I can get the white up and over 5,000 lumens if you want to pony up more $$ for the parts. This is all run at your boat's battery voltage. No generators, inverters or high voltage anything to deal with. Attached is a pic of a prototype (sorry, it?s sold) to show how I?ve arranged for them to be mounted, i.e., clamped from above.
Pricing and lead times are on the buy and sell board. PS This isn't a business or anything. I'm just doing this because I enjoy making stuff for the sport we all love.

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