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Minnows Are a Favorite Food Source of Most Fresh & Saltwater Game Fish!

Available Sizes & Weights-
45mm. 4gr Sinking
50mm. 5gr Sinking
55mm. 5.8gr Sinking
60mm. 6gr Sinking
72mm. 9gr Sinking

The Live Target Minnow is a one-of-a-kind finesse jerk bait. The detailed design & color makes this an excellent lure to target these "picky" species. Manufactured from high impact polycarbonate the lip generates a enticing wiggly action. This is a slow sinking jerk bait.

The Stats of The Featured Lure-
Size: 2-1/2in (60mm)
Color: Violet w/Black Back
Max Diving Depth: 3-4ft

Soon to be released in 2023 by Mustad USA.



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