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Local DP squid - no takers?

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I find it very strange that this board has been basically silent about anyone going out to make squid when its sitting in our backyard? There has been literally tonnage of squirts down off San Mateo, yet no one is talking about loading up on popsicles for the upcoming & anticipated croaker bite either here on the beach or over at Cat. The candy is there for the taking a mere few miles away that could insure some thoughtful anglers a winter full of multi-species successes! What's so frustrating is that I have all the gear, but a boat sitting 30+ miles up in HH. So, here's my offer - any of you fellow Allcoasters with a ride down here in Dana, but no squid gear, let's team up & go make alot of "candysicles" before the well runs dry... I'm game most any night. There has been so much tonnage, the creditable reports I'm getting are saying that the commercial wrap boats are plugged & leaving the area by 10:00pm each night. As Larry says, lets go "getter done"!

Jeff Moon
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Now is San Mateo near San Clemente...?
I was on the phone with HD earlier this week and he was looking at a lot of lights out on the water but it was getting dark and they did'nt have the squid lights turned on, just deck lights....

Confirmed sighting at 6:00pm on Wednesday evening....


I'd be going tomorrow but I'm off to Chicago...hope they are still there later in the week....
No matter where squid is found there is always rumors of WSB.
Things become hush hush quickly, even if the WSB are a no-show.
It's the out of sight out of mind concept.
Most everyone I know is making squid at the island and doing combo trips.
If you could catch Lobsters, Squid, Bonito, Mackerel, and Bass all on the same trip . . .

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Jason - got your message, I'll talk to you Monday

Neill - San Mateo is just south of San Clemente (city), off Nixon's old place... call me when you get back from the windy city & we'll check conditions, will be closer to a full moon, but that may present other possibilities

John - very good points, well taken, actually all but the bonita can be caught at San Mateo, including a few others not mentioned

Thanks guys for the replies...

Jeff (Moonfish)
The cattle boats are making it at night. Thats why you see the deck lights. Last friday the boats out of Dana had limits of calico's.
When I launched last Saturday the person at the reciever had none for sale and that the cattle boats were making it at night.
Jeff - did you have a chance to get out there yet and pick up some squid?
Are the cattle boats running local twilight squid trips or are they targeting calico's that are feeding on the squid...?

Aloharob - still no takers or interest, can't believe the opportunity all these DPer's are passing up in their backyard... many comment on the improved bass bite with the candy & are disappointed the bait barge doesn't have any; yet nobody is willing to spend a few hours of candy catching time to improve their own sucess rate, not to mention what inevitably lurks where candy spawns (creditably verified)... I can't figure it out?... what's your take Rob?

Neill - the DP cattleboats are making their own squid each night among the commercial wrap boats, the volume has been unbelievable off San Mateo Point... then the DP boats are using the live squirts to target the bass in shallow water south of the pier to the Domes.

I agree Jeff - chances of a nice fat WSB always go up if you make your own squid. Location plus karma :).
I was out there with Weekend Hooker Saturday Night....we were trying all sorts of stuff...we metered huge squid marks in 50-55 feet of water..they were down at 45ft and as thick as up to 20 feet. Could have been choves or dines, but the Macs we caught were plugged with squid, and i saw a few gulls pick squid from the surface....this was San Clemente Reef. We could not get them to float.

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