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I am thinking about changing our dated trolling gear on a private boat. In the past we have trolled straigh mono between 30-50 lb for Albacore and striped Marlin. (northern Baja to Channel Islands)

We generally use two 30 W on the riggers and two 50 S with straight mono on the corners. Shot gun is a 16S or 30W depending on what we are fishing for.

Looking at the reel specs, I am thinking about going down in size to 16 VSX reels with 450 yards of 50 or 60 lb braid/ and hopefully 100 yards of 30 or 40. for the riggers.

Then two 30 VSX with 550 yards of 60 or maybe 80 lb spectra and 100 yards of 50 mono.

I will keep an old reel for now on the shot gun.

Any suggestions or thoughts? What set ups are most private boaters trolling these days? If it isn't broke don't fix it?

Not really asking about specific reel brands, but more the reel size with spectra and top shot length for trolling.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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