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We took the ?Fathom This? out on Sunday to buddy boat with some friends of my son who love to fish but don?t know where to go. With all the barracuda reports from OC we all had visions of boils at the Flats or at the Shoe. Keeping track of the reports from here I knew it would be slow or no pickins on the cuda so Izors or inside the wall for buts would probably be the choice.

Coming over the bridge to Sunset Aquatic at 5:20 there was a Mylar balloon stuck on the railing and some ripples on the water letting me know the outside wasn?t going to be the plan for this little converted ski boat even buddy boating with Leland?s 27? Whaler.

The ramp was empty, maybe 10 trucks and trailers parked already so all you smart fishermen read the reports and weather and stayed home. Pulled out of the ramp by 5:30 and Leland was cruising up the channel right on time. I hailed a small ~14? Whaler that was coming in just outside the PCH bridge ?Hey, pretty bumpy out there?? ?A little, you?ll get wet!?

Went straight to Nachos for a mixed scoop of dines and anchovies, handed him a $20 and a box of Cracked Pepper &Olive Oil Triscuits and a can of Cheese Wiz. He tried to give us $5 change back, no way, not for that healthy scoop.

With the wind up and the outside too bumpy for me we chose one of our regular spots off of Chaffee to start. We both drifted for a few bass, a sand shark, a few raked baits and a 19? short but. After and hour or so we gave the swim buoys north of the pier a couple drifts for another short, tried one of the drop offs and another long drift for nada. Headed to the Seal Beach Navy Jetty and drifted for some quick bites and spun around, dropped the anchor and the chum bucket and enjoyed an hour+ of 21? buts, two juvenile WSB at 16 and 22 (released with minimal handling) lots of swing and misses until it just stopped.

Since we kind of left them biting at Chaffee, and the tide peaking at 3, the wind and chop at Seal Beach getting spray into the boat, the decision to return was an easy one. Back at the spot, roughly 1:30 by then, we dropped the hook and chum bucket again for two hours of sand bass (1 at 18?) some calicos, two GIANT MYSTERY FISH that peeled away my 20lb like crazy and then went into the rocks and broke off. Branden had something that wouldn?t come off the bottom so I finally pulled the line by hand and man that thing took off after I brought it up about 2 feet. Let go with just a small line cut in my hand and Branden fought it for 5 more minutes before it came unbuttoned. The tide peaked and so did the fishing, and the wind was making whitecaps inside. We pulled the hook for one more drift (almost 4kts on the GPS) and called it a day. Leland and his 4 friends enjoyed a day of hookups with everything from lizard fish, to bass, to some short buts and even a lobster that was almost as red as those guys were (Sunscreen dude, ever hear of that) All fish released.

For a windy, bumpy, off moon cycle day with the minor high tide at 3pm we did pretty good and had the highest report for the DFG survey guy at the dock that day.

Sorry no photos worth posting
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