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Look for sharks !

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Or if in SMB, Turds before you jump in:

Now for 99.00 - Ok I'll bite!

Pretty good deal!
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My buddy has one. It works, but you have to drape a towel over your head to see during the day. Very hard to see clearly when the sun is out. Asides having to use a towel its pretty cool.
Badger - Bill L aka Firstwatch has one of these. He just brought it on our recent Cat trip on my boat. It was way cool.

We were metering tons of bait and dropped it down...voila there's squid swimming by!

When we were on our spot where we got WSB, the bite shut down but I was still metering fish like crazy. Dropped the camera down and voila...there's a WSB.

For $99 it seems like a very cool little toy. Bill L will I'm sure chime in on several other uses he's had for it including recovering some items dropped of a mooring in Avalon.

It is black & white and the screen is hard to see in daylight but, for $99, it's a steal for a cool little toy that could come in handy. If you wanted to take a look underneath in winter water temps (during summer I'm looking for any excuse to jump in but not in 57 degree water), then tape the camera head to a long gaff handle and stick it under the boat etc.
Cool deal! Hey Bill, What did you pay for yours? :7 it's chilly in are a cold man Mr. Wideopen :)
Just picked one up at Harbor Freight, Can't have enough toys to play with, also for 20 bucks additional you get a 2 year no questions asked replacement warranty.

I can also hook it up to my VCR recorder I have on the boat. Did Bill hard wire the unit? I'm thinking a cig plug in adapter for ease of use.

There is no hiding now, LOL, So you fishies might as well come clean.

Also checked out the new Frys in Ox, Great store!!
Bill had a little 12 volt batter and alligator clipped to that which was not ideal although it did give total portability. I'd change to the cig lighter adaptor assuming you've got them where you need them in the boat.
Hey this thing works great, for nightime, the monitor has a switch for the LED's that circle the lens in the camera housing, plus it comes with a battery all in one case.

Purty Kewl!!
I don't know Jim. I looked at one today and the screen sure is small! I would think it would be hard to make much out on it. Can the Camera be plugged into a bigger TV?

Here is a color one that can be hooked up to a laptop!
>I don't know Jim. I looked at one today and the screen sure
>is small! I would think it would be hard to make much out on
>it. Can the Camera be plugged into a bigger TV?
>Here is a color one that can be hooked up to a laptop!

That's a sweet unit....I'm going to check this out in more detail...

How cool would it be to see makos and Threshers coming to the boat...:)

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I have a 15" flatscreen TV's in the wheelhouse that I can run it to, no problem. You are right though, the display is puny but works fine.
Wow, thats pretty cool, Same make camera, $159.00! Wonder if you can engage the camera light from the laptop?
Think of the fun at Guadalupe! Better get the 2 year warranty though...
A dog I am, at sea I be.
I got mine.......way kool!! $99

The camera works as well out of the water as it does under the water.
Right on! I have blown a hundy on worse.
I wonder how well it would work if ou hooked to a lobster trap...does it come with a red light?
Actually the LED's are white light but show red when you are looking at the lense. Think it would definitely work.
i've had this thing for a year. no problems...and it comes in very handy. in mexico we could see hundreds of pompano and puffers all around the boat at night. up here it's great for a variety of uses, including watching a hoopnet dropped off the back of the boat. ziptie that thing to the bridle and wait. the other unexpected use i've found for it is inspecting the running gear to see if the props are fouled/wrapped. for a hundred bucks it's a steal and practically disposable too. i love harbor freight...where else can you get an underwater camera AND lawn gnomes?
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