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Looking for a second boat

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I run Afishinado Charters out of Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island using my 36' Custom Delta. I am getting more and more calls from smaller parties (1 - 3 people) who want to fish the island but cannot afford the price of my six pak so I am considering adding a second boat rather than lowering my prices (have you seen the cost of fuel in Avalon?).

The perfect scenario would be:
1. A newer (2002) 24 CC that is owned by a captain who might want to personally do some charters on weekends or...

2. An Avalon mooring/boat owner who wants to put their boat into charter operation and still be able to use it whenever they visit the island.

I run the top operation in Avalon and so the boat would need to be rigged correctly, clean and impressive for customers. I can get a mooring so the "less than perfect but still workable" option would be a non-mooring owner. Anybody know anyone who might fit, or does anyone have a boat for sale that might fit?
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John, I have a question: Would it be possible to work out a mooring situation with Joes Rent a boat during peak season to accomplish what you are asking? Maybe even work out a percentage deal? I believe they require it to be 24' or less. If you get the right boat, partner or captain, that may be a mooring solution for you. Bill
I believe that I can arrange for a mooring if need be, the real issue is finding the right boat.
Did you see that 23' Mako for sale on JD's site.

It looks like a nice rig... single inboard diesel power.

Maybe the seller of that boat would be game if he knew about the opportunity. Or, maybe you could pick up the boat.
If you look at all of the costs of having another boat and only plan on using one at a time, you may want to consider having a lower charter rate for a smaller number of passengers.

Skipjack 20
Don't know if I can help in anyway, but if so, let me know. PREVAILER will be back in full swing with a new flush deck,9' x 12' fishing platform hopefully by April.


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John, After this weekends fish expedition with Bill and Rob, I think we have the perfect solution.....more to come....
>If you look at all of the costs of having another boat and
>only plan on using one at a time, you may want to consider
>having a lower charter rate for a smaller number of
>Skipjack 20

Thanks for that Alan, my plan would be to hire a second skipper. I would prefer to find a partner rather than have a subcontractor or an employee. I would handle the marketing, advertising, booking, paperwork, permits, insurance, etc. My partner would run one boat and I would run the other.
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