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Looks like La Nina is a possibility this year ...

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Well, this is the time of year I usually start looking at these predictions. What is impressive is the difference in central pacific water temperature from Feb 2005 and Jan 2006 shown in Figure 2 of the report ... nearly a consistant 1.2 degree lower temp. That is a substaintial drop.

Check it out ...


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I'm new to west coast fishing, what effect does La nina or El nino have on fishing? Does one have more of positive influence than the other? What was last season defined as?

Just curious, thanks.
The El Nino can greatly affect the local fishing. The good part is the warm water currents can create "highways" conditions for the exotics like yellowfin tuna, marlin, dorado in areas we normally don't see them. i.e. Santa Barbara channel. The water can turn crystal clear and be warm well into Fall and Winter. Paddie fishing for yellowtail etc. just outside of local harbors is one of the possibilities with an el nino. The negative side affects can be loss of local kelp beds due to the warm water. Another possibility is severe rainfall (although last year was a wet one without an el nino). The La Nina is a cold water condition. It could slow fishing but fish still have to eat and it could get a squid spawning all summer.
Winter = La Nina Rainy
El Nino Real Rainy

Summer = La Nina Good Albie fishing
El Nino Great Pelagic fishing!
Thanks for the explanations. I've only been on 1 charter for exotics and it was great. I'd like to see an El Nino. If not this year, it looks like my job will keep me here for at least a few more years so I should see one sometime.

Thanks again.
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