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Lost Hoop Nets?

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how many on here have ever lost nets due to being snagged on the bottom? and how often do you think it happens to new hoopers?

the reason i ask is because it seems like if it happened often enough, diving on some of the "regular" spots over at the island might turn up a net or two after the season closes.

spend the money on a fun dive and be rewarded with a free net or two for a back-up? anyone ever thought about this? tried it?

Gettin' Ugly
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Humm, maybe if a diver is lucky, he can collect enough hoops so that he does not need to dive any more.......just a thought
i love hoopin' for bugs, but i've never dove for them, and don't plan on it any time this season that's for sure. but i love diving and was thinking maybe i could supplement my nets by diving right after the season closes??? find a net or two and have a back-up for my set of 10. or better yet, give them to the guy that gave me 7 of my 10 nets.

just a thought.

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>The hard part will be finding the hypothetical lost nets.

i couldn't agree more on that point. that's part of the reason of the post. to find out just how often people really do lose nets. i've personally never lost one, but this is my first season. so i'm just putting out a feeler to find out how often people do lose them.

>And while a lot of people hoop, a lot of people dive (for
>lobster) as well, so there's a chance that they will find the
>nets before you do.

very true. i'm hoping those that are diving for them
I would also recommend diving for them won't want to hassel with a 32" or 36" net while diving for bugs. they'll be too busy looking for more bugs to want to drag around a net, or surface at that point and head back to the boat.

>right before the season closes. Why not dive the lobster
>grounds when you can still legally take lobster?

i don't have all my gear, so i'd have to rent, making it cheaper to hoop. and having never dove for bugs, so i'm pretty sure i'd be more productive hooping than diving.

>I also wouldn't want to have to explain to the DFG why I had my dive
>gear and a bunch of hoop nets on my boat at catalina in April
>or May!!

that's not much of a concern i wouldn't think. there would be little or no rope on the nets so it'd be hard to prove that i was actually hooping with them. and i'm pretty sure it's okay to hoop year-round for crabs. so i could play that card. although i'd check for sure before using that excuse.

but again, just thinking out loud. trying to get a feel for how often people lose nets. and even if i don't find any, i'm still diving and having a good time.

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I know theres one at hen rock in 65 feet of water I lost it there its all yours. I found two last trip one at cat the other mid channel just floating along. Turners puts them on sale for 15 bucks I just let my boat hoes by me new ones.

(fishhawk) jim
>I know theres one at hen rock in 65 feet of water I lost it
>there its all yours. I found two last trip one at cat the
>other mid channel just floating along. Turners puts them on
>sale for 15 bucks I just let my boat hoes by me new ones.

mid-channel? that's pretty funny. maybe they were hooping the 14 mile bank. ;)

thanks for the reply. good to see there's at least one honest person on here admitting to losing a net. now if i can get 10 more, it might be worth the effort/fun.

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I been hooping 20 plus times this year. My friends and I lost a total of no less than 6 nets so far. 5 promar and 1 conical. I have made it back and then some with the bugs in the freezer.
that's at least 7 nets lost. i wonder how many more there are from people that don't post on here.

Gettin' Ugly
I haven't lost any . . .

I know someone that found 8 nets floating one night, locally, maybe 3 weeks ago.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
I haven't lost any nets...., but I had three show up on my boat last season and I haven't a clue how they got there....

I had 6 nets on the bow...., never had anyone bring one aboard, I didn't lose any and when I went to take them off a few weeks after the season closed...., I had three more....

Do these things reproduce???

Cheers, Bill

â??If your not part of the solution... you're part of the problem"
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