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Maiden Voyage on Repower

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We'll be leaving LB for Cat on Sat around 3ish. This is the first time out since the repower (Suzuki 250).

Does anyone have any current squid report?? We're hoping to make some squid and hunt for the elusive WSB.

Will post report on Sunday.

Give a shout if anyone else is out there. We'll be monitoring all the usual channels.

"Bass Hole"
26' Striper WA

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Hey John, I'm sure you're gonna love your repower. I put a Yamaha 250 on my 2350 Pursuit last year and the thing flies, you can't hear it run, and it gets great gas milage.

We're going over this afternoon on my Phoenix "Bounty Hunter". We're gonna look for the Bonita this afternoon and then do some hoppin after dark. If I can stay awake we're gonna try and make some squid also. A few weeks back we had squid under the boat at the mooring in the underwater lights. We'll give you a shout if we see anything.


"Bounty Hunter"
Phoenix 32 Tournament
Start out at Long Point in 125ft of water and work your way west. There was squid there last week. HardFish'n.
Take your time, be careful, and GOOD LUCK!!!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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