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back from mainland y hung out with cousins who live there for day and half then drove to santa cruz hoping to find the epic left that weve surfed the last 2 years but wasnt to be. headed down do pascuales for some bone crunchin barrels then down to nexpa. first day 6-8 y i got a work out paddlin there. epic long left if you dont know the place. hung out for 4 more days surfin head high 80ish degree water.talked to a guy in the water who frequents the place often who told me theres been bout 5 more shark attacks that havent been reported down there. drove to las saladitas but flat y helicoptor cruisin the coastlookin for ? drove back to mazatlan via guadalajara y hung out for a day y finally back to LA.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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