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David try talking to the half day boats about where the mackerel are around the canyon a few miles out or more etc.
Ask the bait doc where Gordon King is seeing mackerel around the canyon etc. When the wind starts to blow in the afternoon try a drift with chum or troll looking for life especially mackerel sardines etc. I have been wide open just a mile or two three out of the harbor it's all about the conditions.
Last time I fished the inside canyon for makos I was buddy boating with Jon Petty custom gold smith wfo on makos with a double on two 250 lb class makos that were filmed later used as part of the inside sportfishing opener of the show. they might still be part of the opener I have not seen it for a long time.
Any way if it's a new moon try some bioluminescent hunting, if they are there they will find you and you should easily be able to see them.

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