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Baja Bytes – April 27, 2021

May Day is the official day that we celebrate the end of the NORTH WIND season! And it never arrives soon enough!
Que Pasa

We fished for three days: one on the Pacific side, one in San Jose, and one in between the two. It was a mixed bag of fish this time. The water was mixed and some places very emerald, green, while others were light blue, and others very dark blue – and some places were cloudy! The bait was good – mackerela, caballito, and nice-size sardina on the San Jose side. We did catch snapper, grouper, a dorado, along with blue trevally and an assortment of other fish. Oh, and we got a thresher! The weather was great most of the day! It was 72 to 75 degrees with mild winds

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