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Went fishing with my good buddy Jason aka Scribby/jscrib, aboard my 15ft aluminum boat ?Red Drum?. The sea and wind conditions were spectacular and I burned less than 2 1/2 gallons of gas and went bendo on a bunch of critters???sweeet!!

We started fishing around 8am and the Bass where on the chew.

Here are some T-Roller pics.

Here I am with my biggest Calico of day.

Another nice Checkerboard.

Then I went major BENDO!!

Started pulling in a bunch of these ornery and tough pulling Finescale Triggerfish.]

Jason with a nice Trigger.

All fish were released to fight another day, except for a limit of tasty Brown Rockfish aka Chocolate Bass/Bucket Bass/Buckies/Stringer Bass, that were used for fish tacos?..yumyum!

Had a great time on the water and can?t wait to do it again. HOOK-UP!!

Till next tide,

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Nobody, and I mean nobody, fishes those stones more effectively than you and Jason. And thanks for putting them all back - with diesel at $5+ (Yikes!), looks like I'll be back fishing them and putting them back down also.
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