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MDR/SMB Friday

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three day test this week in ontario, tues-thurs. gonna be PURE HELL.

so friday i'm gonna roll outta bed, load some stuff up, and head up to MDR after traffic. the plan is to catch some mackeral and go looking for some halibut for a little bit. i might also troll my way up to the malibu area trying for a thresher and then look for halibut on the way back down the beach.

i'm gonna drop the nets sometime before dark and start pulling when the sun goes down. once i have my limit of lobster i'm gonna go home.

any information anyone might have to improve my chances at any of the above would be GREATLY appreciated.


Gettin' Ugly
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There are not many Halibut around Glendon.
Too cold for T's also, haven't heard anything on this.
Now Lobsters . . . we might be competing for the same area this Friday.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
if you're gonna be flying solo friday night and want me to pull nets for you/us just let me know. i'd be more than happy to hop on with you and be the mule for the night.

Gettin' Ugly
I'll tell you one thing I'm not doing, and that is pulling.
75% of my trips this season have been on my boat.
This means the PULLERS tell me to stay in the cabin, }( all in good-hearted ribbing.
I pulled the other night and I was a mess all weekend.
Pulling in 60 feet+, along with extra rope for scope . . .
I must be getting old quickly at this point.

We'll see how the week unfolds Glendon.

John, I love your subtle hints! Your like the Alan Greenspan of Buggin! }(
Taking the bar exam? I empathisize with you, but I'm sure you'll do fine. Good luck, try to get some sleep between the days.
>Taking the bar exam? I empathisize with you, but I'm sure
>you'll do fine. Good luck, try to get some sleep between the

yep, the bar exam. what a lovely experience that is, especially the second time. x( can't wait to see what it's gonna be like the third time. x(

anyway, i'll be down at MDR ramp around 11 or noon tomorrow. be on 77/16. Boat name is gettin' ugly. center console with green t-top. if anyone's gonna be out there give me a hollar.

Gettin' Ugly
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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