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Sometimes in life you just stumble in something special ... I think.

I had a broken dryer sitting in my garage and decided to donate it to a school training program advertised in the Ventura Star. Lady says the guy will come and pick it up Sunday morning.

Well good thing I get up early! This elderly guy shows up at 6:30 am! He notices my Grady on the side of my house, so I give him a little tour. We get to talking ... and I notice the DFG cap he is wearing looks about 20 years old, well worn and faded.

After he easily handles the dryer (without any help from me) we get to talking about the fishing and he introduces himself ...

Buzz is his name. Never got a last name.

Turns out Buzz has been fishing the Channel Island for 72 years ... now wait a minute ... how old is this guy? Buzz proudly tells me he is 92 years old. He continues to make runs on the DFG monster boat the Swordfish. He still fishes 3-4 days a week on his boat the Early Bird (or was it Dirty Bird?) a 30ft Bayliner which he has twin Honda 225's that he had bored out so that each has around 350 hp! He put close to 1000lb lead in his bow to balance the boat out and he claims he can run 50 knots! Unbelievable!

We talked fishing and boat handling in the Channel for over an hour in my drive way. Buzz was one of first commerical fisherman running out of Oxnard back in the 40's. He has known the Radon family since they got their start.

I hope he wasn't BS'ing me because I found the experience delightful and a priviledge to meet a man at 92 who still goes fishing every week and has been a part of the history of fishing in this area. I can only dream I look that good at 92!!!


Can anyone confirm my experience with Buzz????

"EL Corazon"
David Brandt
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