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For the Memorial Day Weekend, our receiver is loaded with Live Squid, Sardines and big Anchovies. Andre or Brian will be on the receiver and can be reached on Channel 11 or at (562) 455- 9928. If they don?t answer, leave a message and they?ll call you back as soon as they can.

If you pull up to the receiver and no one comes out to greet you, please ring the doorbell on the left side of the door and we?ll get up and bait you out.

We also have Paul at Catalina on the Long Beach Carnage, so if you?re heading across, give him a call on channel 11 or at (562) 714-8103.
The Long Beach Carnage will be anchored just east of Avalon on the front side of the island.

During the winter we dramatically expanded our bait capacity on both the receiver and the Provider in hopes to bring you the best bait available. We?ve also more than doubled the size of our receiver by adding 4 large net wells, so there is plenty of space to dock your boat on both sides of the receiver. We have redone the sides of our receiver to make them more boat friendly, so you can dock your boat anywhere without fear of scratching your gel coat.
In case you're wondering, the 4 big net wells used to be on Nacho's receiver, so if we're looking bigger and he's looking smaller, that is the reason.

Based on the run of bad weather that we had this week, any fishing report that I can give you would just be yesterday's news, so I won't even attempt to predict what will be biting by this time tomorrow.

The good news is that the weather is supposed to lay down tonight and things will hopefully straighten out tomorrow leaving you Sunday and Monday to go out and catch some fish.

Prior to the storm, there were a lot of big seabass caught at Catalina (with fish up to 62 lbs reported). These fish were on the squid grounds and have been biting from the wee hours of the morning up through graylight. There is also quite a bit of yellow at Catalina, but it's not settled in anywhere and you just kind of have to stumble across it. I would check out The area around China Point or Salta Verde in the morning and look west in the afternoon (which also makes for a more pleasant run home).

Also prior to the storm, there was a good amount of yellowtail at Clemente to go along with limit style bass fishing. Most of these fish came from the East End Frontside. The yellows are up breezing around on fin bait, but will eat the surface iron if you can get on them and of course they are biting the squid as well. The Big Game 90 had limits of Seabass at Clemente this morning for 37 people. I have no idea where they were fishing, but being that there aren't too many spots at Clemente that turn out big scores of seabass, it should be pretty easy to figure out (for those of you in the know).

A few gar were caught locally last week with most fish coming from the 105 area of the Horseshoe. But with this storm, I'm not sure that they'll still be around and biting.

That's about it for this week.
I hope to have updated photos of our receiver up on the website by next week.
Good Luck and be careful this weekend!
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