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Mexican and American waters-answer me this

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It's been so longggggg, since I've wetted a line, I forget the answer to this question:

If we're fishing in Mexican waters, got a few legals in the box, and trek over into the US side, can we drop a line in the US waters?
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Not sure what you mean by legals? Calico bass, halibut, yes. If you fish for any US fish in Mexican waters, "that are out of season", such as Lingcod, or Sculpin, or any fish undersized, etc. you cannot fish US waters with those fish in your possesion. So no!

If it's a legal fish in both the US and Mexican waters, it makes no difference, "to my understanding". IE: you catch a yellowtail on a kelp paddy or at the Coronado Islands in Mexican waters, you can still fish La Jolla on your way home for either more yellowtail or any other species of fish, however, there is a size limit on tails in the US, so you must also follow those rules.

Isn't life for a fishermen complicated, gad so many rules, sizes, and seasons, etc?

Hook Up! Cory
Cory, thanks for the come-back, makes sense now. Just have to remember what's what, lol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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