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Designed For Casting Inshore For The Shoreline Jigging Anglers!

Has an intense wobbling retrieve due to its asymmetrical body configuration. A triangular bulbous body shape from the midpoint to the rear treble hook & a slender high arched rounded shape towards the head. Due to this configuration the Mezashi gives off intense wobbling during retrieval. These vibrations have proven to attract predatory fish in Europe to Australia as well as in Japan.

This 55/45% weight configuration will enhance that "wounded" fleeing fish vibrations for predators to pick-up on. Check out that translucent eye! Something different for low light attraction. The refraction & reflection of available light will surely add to attracting fish. Rated for fresh & saltwater species. The Japanese designer was Mr Hiroshi Takahashi. This'll add to the shoreline jiggers arsenal for 2023!



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