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Comes In 5 Sizes & 8 Colors! Will Hit The USA In 2023 From Mustad USA!

These casting jigs were perfected by the R&D Manager Hiroshi Takahashi of Mustad Japan. They were released in Japan to Europe & Australia. This year this castable jig will be distributed in the USA. It was a smashing hit at iCAST 2022. I was the lucky one to review this product for Mustad USA in Hawaii before its official release date.

There will be 5 sizes (15/20/30/40/60g) in 8 colors. It's asymmetrically weighted to resemble a wounded fish. There's a single front Ultra Point hook & a rear Ultra Point Treble instead of the original Jaw Lok Trebles used overseas. The eyes are transparent, meaning it filters in ambient light for a "glaring" glow. Many nocturnal species share this trait & are often targeted by predatory species.

Can you target freshwater species using these jigs? Yes you can. Salt water? Of course! Using the 40 & 60g off a boat you can do both. From the shorelines the 15-30g sizes will work. Currently i'm shore jigging 15/20g jigs using 9-11ft SST rods with 3/4K spinning reels with fluorocarbon, monofilament & braid. Right now using a 10ft Med SST Rod i'm averaging 70yd casts using 10lb braid on 15 & 20g jigs. If i use 15lb fluoro it's also the same. When i jig using 20lb mono i can visibly see the drop in casting distance as expected, but not by much (maybe -10yd).

These jigs were designed by Mr Takahashi for shallow water usage without snagging the bottom due to its asymmetrical design & weight distribution.



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