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MLPA As a Catch and Release Zone

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Hey there guys,

I'm not interested in hijacking GettinUglySon's thread yet it caused me to think about what I do. I 'catch and release' when I fish alone and 'catch and sometimes give' to others if I'm fishing in a group.

It would be difficult to do on a sportfishing open-party boat but having a C & R policy on a private boat would be simple.

Wouldn't it be cool to allow C & R in MLPAs. Only PBers would be allowed in the areas and target species could be limited by depth restrictions. Just think how much more fishing area C&R anglers would gain AND ...... how much less other areas fish stocks would be fished.

Maybe most people who have a boat are usually motivated to have one to get fish ... among other things BUT ..... think of the quality fishing one would have a better chance at by being able to fish the MLPA's up and down the coast that experience little pressure presently.

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You donâ??t understand the way government works. Lets take budgets for one if you donâ??t spend all your budget then you will not get the same or more next year so spend your budget on BULLSH*T at the end of the year to accomplish this task.

In government you are never rewarded for a good thing only asked to do it again next year.

This is the kind of talking brings to the table the thought "you see they donâ??t even eat the fish therefore why let them fish at all" Or "why let them hurt fish for pleasure" not what you are looking for which is to open the protection zones to no take.

Instead of playing into the hand of those who are against fishing you should not give them any reason to take away our fishing.

Say something that the people in Sacramento will understand I FISH TO EAT.

If you give Government an inch they will take a mile. I have worked and gone to court with local, state and federal government and can tell you once it is done its over.

Most local and state courts will find in favor of the government no matter how compelling your case is.

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no, mlpa's should have ZERO direct interaction with humans....
Because there'd always be someone that couldn't play by the rules,
and that person would screw it up for everyone else. Once the flood
gates are opened . . . you can't put a band-aid on a cut that needs
50 stitches. It would never work IMO!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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