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Cast Farther by Removing Excess Grease & Altering The Pins!

The Komodos by Okuma are insanely powerful Baitcasters for saltwater & freshwater anglers. The Bluefin tuna jiggers mount them on railrods off Southern California for jigging Bluefin & Yellowfin Tunas. What i'm showing is a way to cast farther by whipping off excess grease that tends to slow the gear action.

Also changing how many pins you're pushing "out" will either increase your free spool or help you be more accurate by placing your casts. It's going to take some fine tuning until you find the right settings. I started off pushing 3 pins out but after my adjustments on my 300 & 400 units i only push out 2 pins. On my smaller 200 unit i leave all my pins in.



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