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Monster Dorado in Cabo

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Over the past several weeks, the bull dorado catches have dazzled recent visiting anglers. Multiple fish have tipped the scale at 35-, 40-, and even a few have been in the 50-pound class. Esaul Valdez won the Dorado Shootout last week with a 57-pounder. Is it just a flurry, or will the bite continue throughout August?

It’s a good bet that some teams entering the 23rd Annual Bisbee Offshore will take a chance in the Dorado Jackpot. Meanwhile, rumors of BIG BLUE MARLIN are driving up the team count. According to July 26’s CatchStat, 72 teams are signed up. Could 2022 be the year the Team Count goes beyond the 100 mark?

Registration for the event is Tuesday afternoon, August 2 at Buena Vista Oceanfront and Hot Springs Resort. Stay tuned…

Monster Dorado in Cabo
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