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LAZYBONES claimed that he wasn?t going to do any flounder fishing in the lake this year since it has been so lousy the
last couple of years. But, some friends were BS?ing with him at the boat one nice day and he decided to give it a shot,
just for something to do. And they caughty some fish, so over the weekend he sailed a couple of trips and caught what
amounted to a couple of years worth of flounders.

And, speaking of flounders I hear that there are an awful lot of them over at Block Island?s Hooter Buoy.

HERLS GIRL made the first trip of the season on Saturday and brought back a dozen nice stripers, all between fiftenn
and twenty pounds. That?s a pretty good start.

Fluke season starts on the fifteenth, and it should start out pretty good also. The pinhookers have been doing very well,
catching fifty or so fish per trip, with about a third of them qualifying as legal fish. They are held to a max of 70 pounds
per day.

The pressure is off on the TWIC cards. The regs were just changed, and they won?t be required until mid April of 2009.
If they had decided that two weeks ago I could have saved thge $20 that I lost to the Indians.

From the LAZYBONES: ?Got out Sat. A.M. and caught 10 keeper flounders in Lake Montauk. High hook was Greg
Ferdinand with 4 flatties. P.M. trip produced 6 keepers and they bit on mussels and worms. Sun. A.M. had 5 keepers in
the Lake with the bait being the same as yesterday. All in all, not to shabby for flounder fishing. It was good to finally see
some sort of a come back.?
If you would like to have these reports sent top you directly, drop me a line at [email protected]
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