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I don?t think we could have asked for a better Memorial Day weekend, at least as far a the weather is concerned, although
it was a bit breezy on Monday.

I got the boat I run in the water on Saturday and spent the weekend getting it ready to fish. The boat is docked at Devon
Yacht Club, which is in the southwest corner of Gardiner?s Bay. Coming down the hill back to Montauk at this time of
year I always get a little kick seeing all the fluke boats fishing off Ditch Plains and Frisbies. Saturday I counted a dozen
boats and Sunday fifteen. Other years the count would probably be about a hundred or so.

I suspect the main reason for the lack of boats is the cost of fuel. At the Montauk Marine Basin it is $4.61 for gas and
$5.21 for diesel. But the state of the fluke fishing probably contributes to it as well. It?s really not real good right now.
From the Radar west it seems like there are only shorts, enough for a little enjoyment, but not for dinner. Eastward out to
Great Eastern or so, there are some keepers, but not a lot of fish, so you have to choose whether you want fun or food.

PS: In case you were wondering, the doggies are here as well, at least if you fish more than a mile or so off the beach.

Bass fishing on the other hand is wonderful, with most charter boats getting their limits on every trip. And there are some
big ones around as well. Early in the week the HERL?S GIRL had a 47 pounder. Capt Dave Kohlus on the HOOKER
brought his new boat, a 48? Rybovich to town during the week and on his first trip brought back a 56 pound bass.

Every fall the MBCA gets together and decides what the charter rates should be for the upcoming season. Last fall diesel
was going for around $4 and it was decided that the rate for a half day trip would be $575. Now the price of diesel is at
$5.21 and climbing, so most boats are charging $600. To give you an idea of how the price of fuel might effect a charter;
a boat fishing for fluke around the Radar Stand that hears the fish are biting heavy at the Parachute Jump will have to do
a little hard thinking before making that run. It will cost about $100 in fuel to get there and back.

From the BARBARA ANN: Saturday am, the Jim Huether party diamond jig action was none stop, taking their limit of
Stripe Bass, then finishing the morning off with 4 keeper Fluke. Sunday the Donald Miller trip limited out with Bass and
Blues. Lori Miller had 4lb. and a 6lb Fluke to finish off the morning.

If you would like to get these reports sent to you directly, drop me a line at [email protected] and I?ll
put you on the list.
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