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Fishing is pretty damn good right now, both for stripers and fluke, as well as bluefish.

The charter boats are all regularly catching their limits with most fish in the 12-25 pound range. The good old chartreuse
parachute is still the favorite method, but diamond jigs are working as well. There are bluefish all over the place and to
catch them all you have to do is look for the birds, or even the bluefish themselves swirling on the surface. Occasionally
the bass are hanging out under the blues.

Fluke fishing is better than fluke eating, thanks to the 20.5 inch minimum size, but there seems to be an increasing
amount of keepers around as well. I spoke to Mike on the BONES early in the week while he was fueling up and he
spoke of catching a hundred or so flatties a trip but only keeping four or five. The ratio improved somewhat over the

Sunday morning I took a little spin to the Lighthouse just to see how many boats were out, and it was a little depressing.
The weather was about as good as it gets, but I couldn?t see more than two dozen boats fishing. Thats reflected in the way
the party boats are carrying as well, with BONES, probably the most popular of them averaging about fifteen fares per
trip. The charter boats are setting any records either, except maybe negative ones.

The surf casters are doing pretty good too, with lots of bluefish on the sand beaches, and some of the sharpies drilling out
some nice bass at night. Paulies Tackle Shop has a striped bass tournament coming up on Fathers Day weekend.

From the MY MATE: Sundays morning trip resulted in a limit of bass to 25 pounds by eight in the morning, so they
finished out the trip with about 25 fluke, keeping four.

From the LAZYBONES: Sundays morning trip resulted in fourteen keepers up to nine pounds.

If you would like to get these reports sent to you directly, drop me a line at [email protected] and I?ll
put you on the list.
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