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The shark fishing right now is like it was in the old days when we spoke about ?Festivals?. That was when you threw the
bag in the water and all of a sudden you were surrounded with blue sharks, like that painting of the guy in the dory. There
are some makos and threshers to be had as well, if the anglers don?t get worn out reeling in the blues.

There have been some of those ?Chamber of Commerce? bluefins sighted here and there along the 800 line, but it seems
like nobody cares. Not at a one per boat limit. Early in the week there was some warm water at the ?Tails? and some
small yellowfins were taken.

Inshore it?s the same as it has been, with enough bass around to keep the charter clients (which are kind of few) happy,
but not many fish of any size. Fluke fishing is continuing pretty good, but you have to cull through the shorts. But if you
stick it out you?ll be able to scratch out some meals.

On Saturday I got tired of catching short fluke, so I took a little ride outside to look for some seabass. I didn?t have much
luck, except for some small ones, but was pleasantly surprised to find that there were very few doggies around. Earlier in
the week they were all over the place as far inside as the North Rips. I hope this doesn?t jinx it.

This weekend the Montauk Marine Basin is holding their shark tournament. There will probably be around 80-100 boats,
and should come in with some decent fish. But not a word about it to the ?shark huggers?, OK?

If you would like to get these reports sent to you directly, drop me a line at [email protected] and I?ll
put you on the list.
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