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multy day permits ?

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I was cleaning and rigging boat and stopped to read dfg book and it said I could bring back 3 days limits.For what ever reason I thought it was 2 day limits, am I reading it right want to do a 2 or 3 day in a week or two get a room and hunt bugs and wsb. want to be very sure I don't want to know the fine for having 42 bugs in boat for 2 people if I read it wrong. Thanks

(fishhawk) jim
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The get a room part might be
a problem.Your not allowed to
set foot on land during the
duration of trip I believe.
Having never filed for a
multiday I could be wrong,
but I thinks those are the
I looked into this, and checked with DFG...this is how I understand the multiday, although I'm going to preface it by the following disclaimer: call DFG in Los Alamitos and verify for yourself!!!

You are allowed to have a limit for each of the three days in possession, with the obvious qualifier that it is a one limit per calender day. You must be on the water AT LEAST 12 hours for it to count as a day ie you must leave by 11:59:59 am, and return no earlier than 12:00:01 pm for your departure and return days to count.

They MUST receive your permit application 48 hours prior to your departure, and you MUST have the signed permit, or copy thereof on your person when you are out...

You have to be a little careful about the limit thing...I found out that the salmon limit is two in possession, whether that is on your boat or your freezer...period. Not the case with lobster, I think it is three limits in possession. I don't know about WSB...

I did an overnighter (two day) worked out well, but I have to say, I would rather do the evening run then come home...

I said it before, but I'm going to say it the DFG and make sure of your facts...

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>I was cleaning and rigging boat and stopped to read dfg book
>and it said I could bring back 3 days limits.For what ever
>reason I thought it was 2 day limits, am I reading it right
>want to do a 2 or 3 day in a week or two get a room and hunt
>bugs and wsb. want to be very sure I don't want to know the
>fine for having 42 bugs in boat for 2 people if I read it
>wrong. Thanks
> (fishhawk) Jim

(QQ) 42 Bugs!!! I can't even picture that in my head :)

I have a ton of Butter Jim ;) :p

I'm sure about the getting off the boat thing though. I believe this is only for continuous on the water and the permit needs to be filed before you depart on the trip
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and I asked them about where you can berth...they specifically said you CAN berth, and go ashore at the offshore islands, just not the mainland...
Hey Jim I hope we get 21 Thursday night... GO current GO no slack tide.
hey danny we got 39 in 2 days last time with 3 people but my boat is to small for 3 guys for three days 42 in 3 days should not be to hard but you never know.A hot dinner hot shower warm bed on second night sound nice but if the wsb want to play I'll give that up in a heart beat.

(fishhawk) jim
lets hope they want to play early and get it done quick. Long week at work I'm so ready to go.

(fishhawk) jim
Thanks for the help. the first day you can leave any time and fish till midnite. the last day you can't be off the water before 12 pm to count as a day so we catch morning bite eat good breakfast nice slow ride home, beats comming home at 2 or 3 am. I hate rushing home with multy day permits I'm forced to fish that extra day sign me up.

(fishhawk) jim
So If you fish one day trips the limit on lobsters is seven per day but only seven total in your possession.But,if you file a multiday permit and fish three days you are allowed twenty one in your possession?
That doesn't sound right.
I'll have to call the dfg and get the story.
Hi there golsen,

Excellent information to consider.

I simply do not keep fish. Nor eat fish unless it's sushi. But ..... the hypocracy of this BS 'in the freezer- possession' stipulation just (freezer) burns me to the max.

MY RANT (not against you of course)

When will the DFG get real! Is someone trying to tell me regular long-rangers and other anglers fishing on a weekly basis don't have fish in their freezers (or canned)that are not from their most recent trip?! What a load! They even state so often on every fishing board I regularly visit! Sheeesh!

So what ... after taking it home with the legal identification you don't then whack it up to where it would not pass inspection at the dock by DFG?! Pretty cute ... cut a fillet in half and both pieces are illegal and subject to a fine!

Bad regulation ... unrealistic ... get everyone or noooo one!

Again...... not on you....... I just had to vent!

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Believe it.

You just can't have more than one limit per calendar day (7 lobster on day 1, 14 on day 2, 21 on day 3). If you have 21 in possession on day one then you're busted.

Abbreviated excerpt:
27.15. Multi-Day Fishing Trips.
The following provisions apply to anglers and to boat owners and operators when a Declaration
for a Multi-Day Fishing Trip has been filed with the Department of Fish and Game.
(a) Provisions related to the angler: Up to three daily bag and possession limits of saltwater fin fish, lobster and rock scallops and up to two daily bag and possession limits of abalone are allowed for a person fishing during a multi-day trip in ocean waters from a boat whose owner or operator has filed a Declaration for Multi-Day Fishing Trip, pursuant to the provisions of sub-section (b) below.
(1) The provisions of this section do not authorize any person to take more than one daily bag limit of fish during one calendar day.
whats cool is it only costs $4:50 and there office is 10 mins from sunset and davis with the price of gas its worth 5 bucks. I don't eat much fish 1 wsb will last me months but lobsters 6 to 10 a week they go fast

(fishhawk) jim
I was once told that law is in place to cover boats that have freezers aboard...I have personally never heard of DFG going to a persons home to check a freezer and doubt they would without probable cause. I obtain multi-days on a regular basis because I usually will spend Fri-Sun over at the islands. I have had 21 apiece twice when I was checked by DFG and no problem except for the time it took to measure each one. I have also gone down Friday afternoon for the permit and have never had a waiting period. I believe you can see the application on the official wep site. You have to know your CF numbers as this is a requirement. Small fee but worth having when they are crawling.
I get these multi day permits all the time.

Print them up yourself and take them in or mail well before you leave. Here is the link:

I read the same thing in the DFG handbook, and I spoke with DFG about this. While the paperwork says that it is good enough to MAIL it to them 48 hours before you depart, that is NOT good enough. What happens is... DFG gets your paperwork and $4.50. They then sign it, and mail you a copy of the paperwork, with confirmation that you paid. You MUST have this document with you on the boat, otherwise, there is no way for the DFG warden to confirm that you in fact mailed it in and paid. I went to DFG to pay, to ensure that I had the DFG SIGNED COPY in my possession. This is VERY IMPORTANT. I was told that if you do not have the DFG SIGNED COPY, it is just like not having mailed it in at all.
I was told to keep a copy with you.This would hold up in court but this means you have to go to court and you got a ticket. safer to go get one if you can

(fishhawk) jim
Thanks much for the info direct to the F&G site..printed up 5 copies for future use..
Anybody beside me think that it is bogus in this day and age that all this has to be done in person or by snail mail. The closest place to me is way down south. I often don't plan multi-day trips that far in advance or if I do the weather changes and I have to cancel.

Why can't you go on line and use a credit card or Paypal and get your trip permit? It could be faxed or printed out from a email.
I know I have missed 2 trips because weather came up, paypal would be sweet or credit cards they need to get out of the dark ages.

(fishhawk) jim
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