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I've Done Extremely Well Fishing Circle Hooks Around The World!

From monster Blue Marlins off Hawaii to Giant Groupers circle hooks have done well for me. My average daytime all around size is 3/0, night is 5/0. If i'm targeting larger species at night 7/0 works well. I try not to use large sizes as my by-catches more than makes up for it.

There are 2 brands of circle hooks that i invest in heavily. Mustad & Owner. Of the 2 Mustad has more selection & bulk packaging & pricing so i'm sticking with the World's oldest hook manufacturer in the World. I do like my boxes of Izuo brand circle hooks from very old stock (in faded cardboard boxes wrapped in tissue paper). They're so rare to come by that i just tease my friends with them-lol.

Whatever brand of circle hooks you use be sure that the wire thickness & rigidity is ample for your fishing needs. Good luck & be safe out there:)



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