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The Heavy Duty ADX Mustad Backpack Available in Black or Red!

A Big Step-Up From Mustad's 30L Dry Backpack of The Past Several Years! This is a roll-up type of backpack that Mustad often produces. I had the previous 30L model but this one blew me away! It's been out since the ending of last year & is starting to attract a lot of attention from not only fishermen but hunters & hikers as well. This bag is produced from 500 Denier & is a 40L large roll-top style that is full of hidden extras. Inside the bag at both sides of the bottom (front & back) are 2 zippered pouches facing each other (one is larger than the other).

On the HD shoulder strap is a weather proof cell phone holder! On the 2 lower sides are water bottle holders with straps to secure them. Comes with a HD carrying handle & a well padded HD constructed padded shoulder strap system. The much recognized roll-top system was in play with older units so there's no guess work using them. The 3 water-proof zippered pockets on the front face of the pack are unique. The T-Shaped handle must be used in-between your middle & index fingers as i've shown. It sticks a bit at first. This ensures a water-tight seal. Just lube the seal or spray some silicon spray on it to loosen it up. I did. So how does this new 40L compare to the previous 30L? To early to tell as i fish 5 days a week, sometimes hiking in 40min to my locations. I'll need many months in the field to develop a solid opinion.

So let me state the obvious. It's 10L larger so it'll hold more. The shoulder strap system is beefier. Being a large guy myself i was pleasantly surprised it fit me so well. And it has a dedicated cell phone pouch-a big plus there. So my thoughts on the previous 30L? The seams started to give way when i filled the bag with gear over time, but not overloading it. It was still comfortable to wear even though it was smaller. Because it was smaller it was easier to locate what i needed inside when in the field. Because i was filming in the field evaluating equipment for over a dozen companies i put my original 30L backpack through a lot in carrying weight. Sometime i needed to bring a smaller 2nd bag to compliment the 30L. We will see how this new 40L bag will hold up. Besides the noticeable size difference there is also a very noticeable weight difference as the new 40L is a HD backpack.

The biggest improvement that can add to this new release is highlight the 2 inner pockets as i can't see them. Had to read they're there. Like maybe making the outlined color of those inner pockets a much lighter color, like light blue so it can be seen. I can't see it looking into the bag.



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