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Release Date Between Winter 2022 - Winter 2023 (Maybe by March 2023)!

Named from the z-shape innovative tail design that will entice fish due to it's swing-like tail water action. The lure shape will entice strikes during the retrieve & the fall. It's constructed of Japanese PVC, German plasticizer with American coloring. The degree of lure hardness (14) & resilience toughens the minnow to the abuse of the strikes. Developed by Mustad Fishing in the UK and distributed by UEMURA of Japan. Soon will be available in the USA between winter of 2022 & winter of 2023 (but expected by some US retailers by March 2023). During testing strikes occurred on the initial fall & sudden retrieval, as expected.

The universal baitfish design will entice fresh & saltwater predatory species. Lengths will be 2in, 3in & 3-1/2in. And available in 6-packs. All Mezashi Minnows will feature lifelike Mezashi 3D eyes that'll provide a highly visible target for all predators. Because of this new material the lure will endure more strikes before becoming un-useable. Will be available in 4-colors (more may be added)-

Ayu- Light green top to a yellowish stained belly. Blue Dots Sardine- Black top to a silver belly with sprinkles. Cream Soda- Aqua top to a white belly with sprinkles. Pearl White- Opaque white with sprinkles.

Mustad makes some nice stuff!

My dad was a Mustad guy...
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