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Not Available To All The USA Yet But It's Slowly COMING!

The latest in hook technology & the lightest treble of its class!

Mustad used 3 single hooks & the latest in automatic welding technology.

Featured are 3X size #2's. Jaw Lok Trebles will be available in 3X, 4X & 5X in sizes ranging from 8 to 5/0.

Jaw Loks are Titan Steel coated & incorporates Ultra Point 4.3 technology for prolonged sharpness & durability to extend the life of the hook.

Jaw Lock barbs have opti-angle needle points that are fully forged with ringed eyes that are auto-welded.

These hooks are machined inlines so every hook is identical. The old style of producing trebles are by braising a double hook to a single hook. Bet most didn't know that! I didn't. That process was time consuming having to make trebles one hook at a time.

This is a superior salt & freshwater treble design for all forms of fishing. Mustad has been the industry leader in hook design & manufacturing since 1877.

Jaw Loks were debut at ICAST 2022 at booth 223. Also Mustad has recently acquired TUF-Line & LIVE TARGET fishing companies to add under their belt.



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