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My "Go To" Rig For Inshore O'io "Bonefish" to Papi'o "Jacks"! From The Ocean to Estuaries!

It may not look like much but i used the earlier models to test in Hawaii day & night & i was pleasantly impressed! Comes in 9ft, 10ft & 12ft. I use the 9' for whipping (spin casting), 10' for light jigging/plugging to medium dunking (surf casting) & the 12' for medium surf casting for distance. I use 4000 sized spinners for the 9' & 10'. For the 12' i use 6000 spinners. Just remember if you put this in a spike you need to add tape either on the spike's inside ring edge or on the rod butt as it's a split grip.
Im using a 10ft Nesika MH with a Cedros 4000 Spinning Reel. All by Okuma.



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