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With the incredible seabass action that took place at Catalina on Saturday I decided to take my 13 year old son Cory out to see if we could get him his first seabass. We grabbed the last two spots on the Amigo out of Newport Landing and made the run with 18 passengers.

I was concerned about the boat traffic and those fears were confirmed when we rounded the east end at 12:30 a.m to see what appeared as a smalll city lighting up the "spot". I would guess well over 100 boats.

The objective was to get Cory his first seabass and we accomplished that goal and then some.

Shortly after gray light Cory boated his first seabass...a pig at 44 pounds. Yeah baby! We could only manage 4 seabass for the group before the bite shut off and we went looking at some beaches. Not long thereafter Cory gets his first ever halibut...a beautiful 19 pound fish. The kid was on a roll...

We ended up back at the original spot in the afternoon where we landed two chunky yellows. Cory completed the Catalina Trifecta by landing a 25 pounder.


We ended the day with 4 seabass, 2 yellows and 5 halibut as well as several calicos and other miscellaneous. Cory had the biggest seabass, the biggest halibut, the biggest yellow, and the biggest smile you could imagine. Oh yeah, he won the jackpot and gave it all to the crew. That a boy!

Yeah, I was very proud of him today but I think it may have ruined him. He probably thinks it is always like that...

Enjoy the pics...


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Thanks for the great report.

It doesn't get any better than kids and fishing. And when the fishing is good, well, it's amazing.

However, Sir, you have done your son a turrible misdeed. As you indicated, he will now think that every trip to Catalina will result in 30lb WSB, 20lb halibut, and 25lb YT!! When he goes and only gets a couple of 15lb YT, he will be crushed!LOL :p

Very nice report. Congrats to your son (who had a world class day) and to you for doing it right! Wonderful!
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