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The day started with grey overcast.

The sandcrabs weren?t easy to get, the right sizes, anyway. Only the huge ones came up in my bait net. And the micro?s, with lots of jelly-micros. I took what I could get.

6am - The first cast has been pretty good for me lately. This one was no exception?a corb, although a small one.

I settled in and started to catch a few bsp?s. There were some hooking up way outside?some midway in?a few real shallow.]

A few were double digit. Nice.

There were a couple nice hook sets. Including this one that went 15? and fought like he was on juice.

Even got a single walleye surfperch (wsp).

About mid-morning, I realized I was in the middle of a WO bsp bite. The numbers can creep up on you real fast. I left when the bite died at 11:30. Here?s my totals:

5 ? corbina 10?, 11?, 12?, 13?, 15?
1 ? wsp
42 ? bsp the biggest went 10?.

All o sandcrabs. They liked nickel size and also doubled or tripled micro-sc?s.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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